The Philosophical Club for Archaeologists was formed in Turku, Finland, in the winter of 2009 by three students of archaeology with an interest in philosophy and semiotics. The objective is to convene regularly to discuss current philosophical and/or theoretical topics in archaeology.



No upcoming meetings


Spring 2013

  • 10.5.2013 16-18 Kari Saarvola (researcher): ”Neandertals: the fire goes out” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)
  • 26.4.2013 16-18 Päivi Seppälä (M.A.): ”Competing explanations in archeology: a case study on the Classic Maya Collapse” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)
  • 19.4.2013 16-18 Panu Savolainen (M.Sc.Arch.): ”Textual materiality – rethinking the past remains over the conventional categories and boundaries” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)

Fall 2012

  • 12.10.2012 16-18 Inkeri Koskinen (M.A.): ”Participatory research and two types of relativism” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)

Spring 2012

  • 28.2.2012 16-18 Pentti Määttänen (Ph.D., doc.): “Merlin Donald on the evolution of human mind” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)
  • 25.1.2012 16-18 Visa Immonen (Ph.D., doc.): ”Anachronistic dead end? Phenomenology and archaeologies of corporeality” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

  • 21.2.2011 16-18 Timo Salminen (Ph.D., doc.): ”History of archaeology as an underlying theoretical question” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)

Fall 2010

  • 30.11.2010 16-18 Professor Mika Lavento (Professor): ”The archaeologist’s past from a hermeneutic viewpoint” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)
  • 29.9.2010 16-18 Vesa-Pekka Herva (Ass.Prof.): ”Mind in, mind out – externalism, relationality, and qualities of the material realm” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)

Spring 2010

  • 3.3.2010 16-18 Päivi Ibl (M.A.): “On the semiotic interpretation of the Nasca lines” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)
  • 3.2.2010 16-18 Marko Marila (M.A.): “Pragmatism and archaeology” (Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38F, room F115)


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